Automated Living

Step into the world of Hometronix, where the art of modern living meets cutting-edge technology. Through the seamless integration of Control4® systems, every home transforms into a sophisticated haven of convenience and luxury. Imagine waking up to a world where your every desire is just a tap away. 


With Control4® automation, you hold the reins to orchestrate your home’s symphony with the touch of a button. From the tranquility of your bed, effortlessly command your entertainment system, adjust the ambiance with a subtle dim of the lights, and set the perfect temperature for the day ahead. No matter where your adventures take you, whether it’s a stroll through the neighborhood or a voyage across continents, your smartphone becomes a magic wand, granting you absolute control over every aspect of your home.



Unlock the potential to craft your personal utopia with Hometronix, as Control4® technology converges with your imagination, sculpting an ambiance that reflects your lifestyle and aligns seamlessly with your budget. With Hometronix, experience the power of tailor-made automation, where comfort, efficiency, and security blend effortlessly to redefine the art of living.

Scene's At A Touch Of A Button!!!


Need a solution for your next development?

HomeTronix smart home solutions is a response to requirements of people looking for a

new apartment or house where they can feel comfortable, safe and enjoy every single

moment with their family and friends. Today’s smart home is no longer just a whim for

the rich — it has become a standard expected by customers in the real estate market.

By having smart home solutions in your offer, you not only respond to the real needs of your

clients but also increase its prestige and attractiveness, thus, giving them no reason to consider

competing offers.


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