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Implement smart home products with the control panel in the palm of your hands.


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Creating a Home that suits your personality.

At HomeTronix we pride ourselves in providing lifestyle and sustainable living solutions. These are smart

home control products that will enable your clients to manage their homes at a touch of a button from

anywhere in the world.


We source, supply and develop technology that enhances a client’s lifestyle. Be it safety and security,

lighting control, appliance control products or energy management. Our expertise with smart products

provide the very best experience tailored to your specific develpments.

Trusted since 2007

Level 1 BEE certified contributor established in 2007 as a Home Automation and IoT systems provider. We offer complete categories of smart devices, integrating advanced IoT technologies to form the base of a smart home solutions and other building management solutions like, office, Boardroom and Hospitality solutions at an affordable price

Professional Services

We specialize in harmonizing technology to suit your needs by drawing upon our 14 years of worldwide technology industry experience to provide a portfolio of first class products and services. We have a disciplined approach to consultancy, design, development and execution.

100% Client Satisfaction

Every solution we offer combines an array of fields such as Physics, Architecture, Design, Engineering, Electronics and Art. To that, we add our finest brands of products and back it up with responsive aftersales support.

Change the experience of your home, change the perspective of others

What is a SMART HOME?

Smart homes allows you to control your home from anywhere, from lighting and heating to security cameras, alarm systems, gate & garage control, curtains & blinds and even appliances.

It’s a place where different household appliances communicate with each other. This allows you, for example, to control the lighting, regulate the temperature, operate the multimedia, control the blinds and activate the alarm system. Management takes place both via tablet or smartphone, as well as via dedicated panels and remote controls, with the help of voice assistants.

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Need a solution for your next development?

HomeTronix smart home solutions is a response to requirements of people looking for a

new apartment or house where they can feel comfortable, safe and enjoy every single

moment with their family and friends. Today’s smart home is no longer just a whim for

the rich — it has become a standard expected by customers in the real estate market.

By having smart home solutions in your offer, you not only respond to the real needs of your

clients but also increase its prestige and attractiveness, thus, giving them no reason to consider

competing offers.


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