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The Button


Motion Sensor

Flood Sensor

Door/Window Sensor

CO Sensor

Smoke Sensor

Universal Binary Sensor

Wall Plug

Heat Controller



Roller Shutter

RGBW Controller


Home Center

Home Center Lite




Ideally designed

KeyFob was designed with precise attention to detail. Its ergonomic and compact shape allow it to fit perfectly in your hand, and pocket, while raised buttons allow for intuitive clicking.


Quick and easy inclusion

Adding a device to the system is as intuitive as using it. Quick-start KeyFob and feel like everything just got a lot easier.


One controls the whole house

Control the lights, turn on the music, manage temperature, close the blinds and gates and open the door. Run virtually any KeyFob devices and scenes you desire.temperature, close the blinds and gates and open the door. Run virtually any KeyFob devices and scenes you desire.


The Button

One Button Controls Them All


Home On

Manually activate or deactivate any device and actions within the FIBARO System


For Home

As a universal manual switch for electrical devices and scenes.

For Business

As a handy tool which supports everyday activities and customer service.

For Emergencies

As a button to contact the caretaker or call for help.

Always in the right place

Place the Button exactly where you could use an additional switch.

For the entire family

You can assign Button colors to each member of the family or allow the children to turn them into little works of art.

Always close

Use the Button whenever and wherever you need it.

The click to success

Activate your imagination and find uses for this innovative switch in your business.


Discover the power of gestures

The intelligent SWIPE detects not only simple moves, but combinations of moves as well. The high resolution sensor interprets the most complex commands. You will be surprised by the power of your hands.


Beautiful, just like you

When displayed, SWIPE can be used as a beautifully designed picture frame and allows you to easily change photos whenever you want. It takes just a moment to remove the front panel and you can relive the memories that bring a smile to your face.

It matches any interior

SWIPE easily adapts to the décor of any room. You can put it in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or in the office – it doesn’t have to be a typical household device. You can put it on the dresser with your favorite family photos or hang it on the wall among other photographs.

Wave Goodbye

Going out? With a simple gesture, SWIPE can activate your 'Goodbye Scene', which lowers your shades, turns off the lighting, and activates the alarm. There is no simpler solution.

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