About HomeTronix

Our team is a group of CEDIA professionals who offer reliable installations that fit clients’ specifications and even post-installation maintenance for new and existing homes. Our range of services includes intelligent lighting, alarm control solutions, multi-room audio and video streaming, automated shades, climate control solutions and home security.

Established in 2007 as a home automation and IoT systems provider, HomeTronix is the pioneer of high-end home automation systems – with over 10 years’ experience in installing and distributing smart home systems in South Africa.

“Our goal is to enable a smart lifestyle experience at an affordable level.”

Furthermore, we aim to satisfy our customers and surpass their expectations, but we know we have to earn your trust. We provide timely, responsive, and honest service to our customers.

HomeTronix – Automation Beyond Imagination.

HomeTronix is the master distributor of the FIBARO Smart Home

HomeTronix, South Africa’s leading smart home solutions company is pleased to announce it is now the master distributor of FIBARO smart home in the country. FIBARO’s world is now yours.

FIBARO is the prominent global manufacturer of wireless smart home systems designed to enhance your comfort and safety lifestyle. Their smart home systems allow you to control your lights, curtains, aircons, security systems, door locks etc., from anywhere in the world via your mobile device.

Their range of wireless products makes installation simple and unobtrusive. The system is integrated, so it enables you to start small and expand over time. The products are wireless, so no extra cabling is required. This allows you do to existing homes without breaking the bank.

Whether you want to control your entire home from a single pocket-size device or customise an action such as having your lights come on and curtains closing automatically when it gets dark and if you not home…FIBARO is your solution.

FIBARO’s range of wireless smart home products are designed to complement your lifestyle.

HomeTronix, together with FIBARO, are enabling a smart home lifestyle experience at a very affordable price.

Would you like to become a FIBARO distributor in South Africa?

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